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~ Our initiative ~

We wish now (from 2015), after many years of travels and unsurpassed experience shared ‘with french people’, to propose to any buddhist of western countries, to join in a single group for this Holy Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Siddharta (Buddha Śākyamuni), as it is said that this trip ‘must’ be done at least once in the life for a genuine buddhist practioner. Our pilgrimages occur in general only every 1-2 years.

If you have a pure motivation, do no hesitate ! Join us !

♦ General Conditions
> Number of Participants Limited  

This pilgrimage will be intense because the places to see are remote, because time is limited to just over two weeks and because the program is dense. It is necessary to have a very strong motivation, good physical and mental condition to perform this adventure-journey where unforeseen may arise, as countries such as India and Nepal are amazing. It is therefore intended mainly to adults and teenagers to the limit. The experience of the organizers we are, Minh-Tho and Dieu-Phuong, attests to these important words to remember.

The pilgrimage will be done with a limited group of 10-12 persons maximum, which must meet strict criteria besides the organizers, itinerant, backpack or pulled, to travel more than 3800 kms once arrived in India, by any means of transport: plane, train, rickshaw, rental jeep ...
Places are limited. Do not waste time.
Sarnath Stupa - Amitabha Pilgrimage
Sarnath Stupa
Place of Sermon
> Financial Aspect
Nirvana Temple Kushinagar - Amitabha Pilgrimage
Buddha Statue Nirvana - Amitabha Pilgrimage
Kushinagar - Maha-Paranirvana
The cost of living is quite low compared to Europe, in both countries such as India and Nepal. For example, in New Delhi, the price of a veggie burger - yes! - is two to three times cheaper than in France.

▪ The budget can be divided into four parts:
- Price of the Return ticket (to Delhi Destination) → Individual
- Travel Interiors Costs (trains, taxi, etc.) → Shared
- Food and Shared Housing → Shared
- Pocket money → Individual

* The estimated cost all included is not more than 1,450 euros (or 1,650 usd) for a departure from Paris (ditto for other countries in Europe ). Less of this sum was spent during the last pilgrimage by the organizers. From America, it would be more due to the distance.
This budget is minimal compared and adjusted to whatever is proposed, often exorbitant and unnecessary, either in Buddhist centers or travel agencies. Given that you could live on this trip full of teachings, any hesitation should be excluded if you want to establish yourself on the Buddha Way. The total cost may be reduced by 15% depending on the group size.
> Technical Terms
Stupa Kathmandu Nepal - Amitabha Pilgrimage
Stupa Katmandou Nepal
Regarding airline tickets to Delhi and the Indian visa, if you come from Europe or North America, you will have the burden of caring for you according to our strict indications given by e-mail (day of departure, time of appointment, etc.)

Those admitted will have to be allowed to stay in Nepal and India without political restrictions. This involves having a clearly european nationality or otherwise without restrictions.
♦ Registration Procedure
Namo Buddha Monastery Nepal - Amitabha Pilgrimage
Tibetan Monastery - Nepal
If truly reading to here, you have at heart a spontaneous desire to participate in such exceptional journey, you are asked to read detailed procedure page (once it online) containing eligibility criteria before moving to the pre-registration form. You can also report your strong wish by email now and ask relevant questions in the meantime:

E-mail: or

♦ Pilgrimage Program
Exact Seat of Buddha Enlightenment
Seat of Buddha Enlightenment
The program will be as rich as the latest and exceptional PBIN-III and IV of 2013-2014-2015. Some changes may be made later about the route, which will be developed and available only to registrants shortly before departure. An extension in southern India is also possible.

Know that the following numerous places and sites are planned:
Bodhgaya - Kushinagar - Lumbini in Nepal - Rajgir and the Vulture Peak - Nalanda University - Kathmandu and the surrounding area with stupas visits and Tibetan monasteries - Sarnath - Sravasti .....

Teachings and practices will be integrated according to the timing.
Map Pilgrimage 2009 India Nepal Amitabha Buddhism

Here Tour 2009 ►

Here Tour 2011 ►

Pilgrimage Buddhism Amitabha India Nepal Itinerary 2011

~ Amitabha Terre Pure / Amitabha Pure Land - Dharma Propagation since 2007 ~

We wholeheartedly hope to meet you and share our rich experience (over 10 years) of such a Pilgrimage Travel in India-Nepal on the Holy Footprints of Siddhartha.

Your Guides-Organizers - Minh-Tho & Dieu-Phuong


Tribute to Amitabha Buddha - Tribute to Sakyamuni Buddha

Vutlure Peak Rajgir - Amitabha Terre Pure Pilgrimage India Nepal

Vulture Peak - Rajgir - ATP -2008 - ©

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This is the place where Buddha Śākyamuni gave many high teachings like Long Amitabha Sūtra

Pilgrimage India-Nepal VII - On the Footsteps of Siddhārta & Phowa Amitabha

Period expected : 10th till 31st January 2020 [+- 2 days]

Pre-registration CLOSED

Budget ≤ 1450 € from Paris - All Included

No minimum of pax required.

♦ Objet

Stupa Ashoka à Bodhgaya - Pèlerinage Bouddhisme Inde Népal Amitabha Terre Pure Who as an authentic practicing buddhist has not had the desire to make a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the Buddha Śākyamuni, the master of the three worlds? What are the masters of this world of all traditions who have not visited only once the place of enlightenment of Prince Siddhartha at Bodhgaya in Bihar in India? Let alone other places like Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sarnath or Rajgir?

These great places where the Buddha taught the Dharma for the benefit of all beings are highly blessed, even by the gods. Getting there to honor the Blessed and meditate, requires great merits and brings unimaginable profits. This is not simply a matter of will or means to achieve it.

Here Amitabha Pure Land, offers regular sharing of experience, an exceptional journey, a journey of initiation, a unique adventure to be able to walk in the blessed footsteps , in an convivial way, intensely, friendly, and in an instructive way for all buddhist people mainly (and others depending on the profile).

Pilgrimage Tibet Amitabha Buddhism



The famous trekking around Kailash Mount

Pèlerinage Tibet Mont Kailash Amitabha Terre Pure

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